Brian Peter McNamara is a Certified Financial Planner™ practitioner

Fee-Based Financial Planning (extraordinary client services offered within this domain)*

Access to Money Management* and Traditional Investment Product offerings**

*offered through MML Investors Services LLC CRIA; **offered through MML Investors Services LLC

We challenge the status quo regarding retirement income planning, estate planning and business continuation planning; we do so by demonstrating pre and post "income-tax" & transfer-tax** cash flows, based on your situation (family, business, career), your detailed financial position and your vision for a lifetime. 


**“From both the Treasury and the taxpayer viewpoint, taxes can modify individual decisions. Taxes represent an additional cost of doing business or of accumulating wealth. Assuming that economists are correct in speaking about the ways in which a rational citizen makes day-to-day decisions, taxpayers employ tax planning techniques to accomplish the overall goal of wealth maximization.  Because taxes deplete the wealth of the taxpayer, planning behavior is designed to reduce the net present value of the tax liability, which is not the same as a simple reduction of taxes in current, nominal dollar terms—an objective that is often assumed by laypeople, the media, and others, including too many tax advisors”1

1Sawyers, R., Gill, S. 2018 Federal Tax Research, 11th ed. Boston, MA:  Cengage Learning

We state with confidence that the status quo was developed 3 decades ago under The Tax Reform Act of 1986 and following a period of higher Inflation and higher tax rates --while simultaneously the world has since changed radically in terms of technology, economic globalization and increased levels of uncertainty all of which favor a new look and a new approach (to all domains of planning) which we are prepared to provide.          

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Professional collaboration is the key to providing my clients with extraordinary advisory services.  As your advisor I must have the vision and ability to provide Valuable and Uncommon results. I provide access to a large network of prominent CPAs, CPA-CVAs, Business and Estate Planning Attorneys; Clients are also invited and encouraged to also use their own legal-tax professionals.

Our mission is to provide objective and class-leading advice, products and services to financially challenge our business and family clients to manage their risks and achieve their goals.

Our Structure and Planning Behavior is designed to provide generational service by documenting and safeguarding client notes, recommendations, strategies, transactions, planning details and client documents (such as Trusts) using a permanent and professional electronic filing data management system.






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Check the background of this financial professional on FINRA's BrokerCheck